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Melissa’s Painting Inspiration

My grandmother was an incredible artist, and her paintings were very inspirational to me from a very young age.  I remember entering a painting contest in junior high over 40 years ago! I painted an old log cabin on the bayou, which was an actual home in Louisiana that I remember from my childhood. My mom sent my painting to the company who would be judging all entries from schools all over the country. Several months later I received a letter from the company that I had won first place in my age group!! I was honestly very surprised because I just did not think it was that good, but I am my worse critic even today.  I did not paint after this contest mostly due to having very little spare time, because I played traveling softball, was on the track team and also the gymnastics team, and this pretty much ruled my life until after I graduated from high school.


I never thought about painting again until COVID, and it was honestly by accident.  My company sent us all home in March 2020 and a year later we were still working remotely, and I thought I was going to lose my mind!! I am in sales and not being able to “sell” is a bad place to be for a salesperson… LOL!  So I decided to clean out our basement and I found my old painting supplies that somehow survived 40+ years!  The paint was dried up of course, and the brushes were in pretty bad shape, so I ordered an acrylic paint kit, new brushes and some canvases online, and decided to paint pink tulips for my first painting in literally 40 years.  I am a landscape artist, so that is what I am most passionate about painting.


The funniest story I have surrounding this first painting was after I showed it to my husband, John. His initial comment and then follow up question was “that is really beautiful and then where did you purchase it?”  I told him I was the one who painted it and he said “oh I get it like in paint by numbers?”  I said no it was not paint by numbers, and that I really painted it, but he did not believe me!!!  He said I’ve known you for years, and you have never painted anything nor have you ever mentioned it! I said well COVID has brought out all kinds of strange things and hidden secrets all over the world:-)


My paintings are inspired by places we have vacationed together, as well as tutorials from Michelle The Painter and Joni Young, who are both extremely talented artists. You can locate their videos on YouTube. I only paint a subject once, so they are all originals, and I only use acrylic paints at least so far in my painting journey, but who knows what the future holds….I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed painting them.

Featured Artworks

Cherry Blossom Sunday

Tulum Cenote

The Victim to Warrior Method

Rebound, Reclaim and Rebuild Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse

My upcoming step by step online course will be launched in Summer 2022 and will include details on critical steps to take immediately after leaving your narcissistic abuser, how to rebuild your credit, how to reclaim your financial empowerment, and how to rebound mentally and physically. These powerful steps will allow you to remain free and safe from your abuser, so you can start living your life on your own terms rather than the life controlled by your abuser.


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